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Post by Franksta96 on Sun Aug 02, 2015 9:36 pm

"I love finding money in my clothes. It's like a gift to me... From me!"

Gav Woodgrave Af4a0979e9b559a2b94fde00d629ed33

-Status sheet-

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Weight: 187/194 (Equipment)

Height: 5'10

Ethnic: Caucasian

Mental Health: Content

Physical Health: Perfect

-Journal Logs-

Journal Log - 001:  

Scorned, Hated, Not liked, Indifferent, Okay, Friend, Need to Protect, Family, Dead/Gone

Vincent Woodgrave (Father): I'll admit... He can be a royal prick at times, but he's my father so I'm sadly stuck with him for the rest of my life. He's taken that Life Extending pill shit so I guess I'm stuck with him for longer. I still hate him for pressuring me into taking that. He was always so focused on continuing the family business and wanted me to live on for longer. Selfish if you ask me but eh... What's the worst that can happen?

Rachel Woodgrave (Mother): I love my mother to pieces. Sometimes I'm astonished how she's put up with my dad for so long. I almost feel bad for her having to put up with him for longer because of that pill... Anyways, she's normally at home caring for my little brother and sister back in London. I'm up here in the states attending to business with the damn company so I'll be gone for a while. I'm hoping she makes me one of her famous cherry pies when I get home.

Chris Woodgrave (Younger Brother): Another one of the family to be pulled in to dad's infamous scheme of having us inherit the family company when he ends up biting the dust. Can't say I wasn't surprised with Chris, he was always a nerd sitting on his computer studying calculus and surpassing his grades by miles. What the fuck is calculus again? Bah, doesn't matter... I remember when we used to go down to the pond on the family estate and try fish the small fish from it, thinking we'd eventually catch a giant cod! I miss those days...

Evaline Woodgrave (Younger Sister): My lovely little sister. I'm glad my family was blessed with at least one little girl. I used to spoil her loads when mother and father brought her back from the hospital after she was born. Always used to go to the Zoo, she had a big interest for animals and could never stop talking about them. She's just in the middle of secondary school and wants to go to college to study animal care. She told me over the phone she want's to become a veterinarian. I admire that, for a girl such her age. I can't wait for her tell me all about her studies when I get back.

Brad Woodgrave (Youngest Brother): The youngest of the family, Brad can be a right little shit sometimes. He's very mischievous. He'll sneak out late at night and go "Exploring" and playing with wooden sticks on the Estate claiming to be a Knight. I think my parents hate me for introducing him to the Lord of the Rings.. It was a classic trilogy though. He's just going through primary school though, so he's got enough time to play before he has to mature. I'll give him a sword fight or two when I get back, but for now he'll have to be the lone hero for a while.

Jacob Macmera (Acquaintance) Oh yeah, he's the dude that stands there at the counter of the Hardware Store. I've had to go there a few times to buy some hardware, fucking light-bulbs in the hotel I'm in don't last for shit. All he says is "Cash or Credit", guy must have a special catchphrase or some shit. He's sort of like my very own Mexican car cleaner, except... He's not Mexican... And he's not a car cleaner... And he says "Cash or Credit" instead of "Clean Car, Senior?" instead... No, scratch that, he isn't my Mexican Car Cleaner...


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