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Post by Captain Snyder on Sun Aug 02, 2015 11:39 pm

"How much shock can a person take before they shut down?"

Server Introduction 0xZdX

The Zombie Apocalypse begins.

It's August, 2015. Our server begins on Day Zero of the apocalypse. The server's story is based on the main group, lead by players rather than admins. Therefore, the decisions and actions you take affect the server as a whole. The server is operated by a Game-Master, assisted by his fellow Dungeon Masters. It isn't our goal to kill you, nor is it to keep you alive. Do not throw your life away, as your first death is a Perma-Kill (PK). Remember, it's YOU who makes the story, not the administration team.

In 2010, a new element was created in a lab, known as "Crescerevitium" by Dr. Edward Vile. When various testing began, it was discovered to have a big affect on cancerous cells. In doing so, it changes cancerous cells into the ones that the human body can actually use. In other words, this element was the key to extending life. In 2014, a pill known as Crescerevita was created by Dr. Edward Vile, based on the element of a similar name. FDA testing lasted for a little over a year, before it's release to the public in August. The element known only as Crescervitium, being the main ingredient, is hard and expensive to produce, so it was only fitting that the pill was expensive. The fact that such a pill, a pill that extends life, was so restricted to the point that only the elites of society would have it, sparked the Life Riots.

Your story begins after the riots escalate to a point never seen before, in Rochester, Minnesota. However, the places you travel to depends entirely on the decisions made by the group. Will you travel back into the city, where the dead run rampant? Or will you travel into the outskirts, to small towns, where supplies might not be so plentiful? Maybe you'll just experiment, and find out the answer to that eternal question. That frightening, yet attractive question. How much shock can a person take before they shut down?