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Post by Captain Snyder on Tue Aug 04, 2015 6:00 am

An alignment system has two parts. Moral and Personality.

For Morals, you can pick between evil, neutral, or good.

For Personalities, you can pick between chaotic, neutral, or lawful.

Your actions are not forced by your alignment, however when you're making your character keep in mind your alignment. For example, if there's a girl that needs medical treatment, and you're evil. You do not have to kill her for her supplies. There's plenty of other uses. Slavery included.

Chaos Ensues

Chaotic Good - You actions are good-intended. However, the way you accomplish them may not necessarily be the most efficient good way to do it. You're much more erratic. Most often, during fights, you're the type of person do things crazy enough that it might just work.

Chaotic Neutral - You care about yourself more than you care about others. However, you're not afraid to throw your life away, if it might benefit you. You'll most likely be looking out for yourself, or your family should you have any. Though if your interests is aligned with another, you might work for them.

Chaotic Evil - You're an asshole. Simply put, you're ontop, and everybody else is beneath your foot and at your mercy. This doesn't mean that you'll always be creating chaos, you might find some joy from it. This does not mean that you need to have a mental disability such as psychosis. However, it wouldn't be suprising to create your character with that in mind.


Neutral Good - You care mostly for yourself, however you're good-hearted, often trying to help others in the time of need, but if it's too risky or could hurt yourself too much... You might not want to.

True Neutral - You care for yourself, and yourself only. Your life matters most to you, and nobody will ever change that.

Neutral Evil - You care for yourself, and you're not afraid to be evil to boost your own standing. If somebody is dying, you might wait until they're done before stealing their gear.

The Honorable

Lawful Good - You have a set of rules for yourself that you follow, and you may try to enforce it on others. Generally speaking you'll put others before yourself, and try to protect the innocent. You're very good-intent, and civilized about it.

Lawful Neutral - You have a personal set of rules for yourself. While it may keep you from being good, or evil, it might not necessarily do so. You'll generally follow the most ideal lawful figure, so long it benefits yourself.

Lawful Evil - Your code of honor affects your actions. The weak are your servants, and the strong are your soldiers. Your code is centered towards power, however it doesn't mean that you'll kill everybody you meet.

Keep in mind, your alignment does not restrict any actions you take. A good character may make an evil decision, should he deem it necessarily or for the best. And an evil character may make a good decision, even if he doesn't have a masterplan behind it.

Regardless if you're good, neutral, or evil, it does not mean that you are at the end of the spectrum. Evil can very well mean that you're selfish, and willing to steal without hestitation.
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