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Post by Sybl on Wed Aug 05, 2015 6:37 pm

"Everything is just a fractal."

Jasmine Kell (picture)

-Status sheet-

Hair: Dirty blonde, with a white forelock.

Eyes: The left is electric blue, while the right is green.

Weight: 90kg | 130kg max unimpaired weight

Height: 5'11

Ethnic: Scandinavian heritage, considers herself a 'citizen of the universe'.

Mental Health: Semi-stable. Fractured consciousness, but with a relatively calm demeanor always present.

Physical Health: Generally good. Some nutritional issues.

-Journal Logs-

Journal Log - 001: Watch this space, I guess.  

Scorned, Hated, Not liked, Indifferent, Okay, Friend, Need to Protect, Family, Dead/Gone

Biological family - Self absorbed, narcissistic bastards can fend for themselves. It's obvious they didn't want me in their family, and so be it.

My patients - Oh the horrible necessities of detaching, and doing one's job. These people, I feel really worried for. Some of them are just undergoing anxiety issues, and others are a lot closer to "the edge". They usually come in three flavors; those who contact my public office I see the least often and tend to be less well off financially, but it's where I spend most of my time. My private patients take up less of my time, but I see them with more regularity - which is odd, considering the worst they tend to deal with is stress and marital issues. Finally, when I'm not officially on the clock, I occasionally get patients contacting me about shamanic services. They tend to leave the biggest impressions, but I tend to only see them once, each.

Father Carlisle McNeal - You find good conversation in the strangest of places. Seems he can chat about the abstract, maybe takes the whole God thing as the metaphor it's supposed to be. I think I've annoyed him with going on about how shitty rulers are, though. Still, when you're as typically closed off as I am... can be hard not to gush when you actually manage to get two words out without getting a funny look.

Leah - My dealer. Just saw her recently, and she topped me up for the next good many months. Some socially isolated girl who I met in a totally random chat room about cartoons. She always seems to have weed, molly and acid on hand - I think she grows, and makes it. Wish I had a safe space to use the 'cooking' skills she taught me. It's great having her up every so often for a resupply, and "night together".

Most everyone else - The world is selfish, and self-absorbed. But it's not particularly their fault. Much like a child who grows up in an unloving environment, adults who exist in a vacuum tend to wall themselves off for protection. It's just a pity what hides inside so often goes stagnant and rotten. But it's a defense mechanism, and usually able to be worked around, and it's important I always remember that.


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