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Post by Lord_Ezrik on Thu Aug 06, 2015 2:01 am

"Yes, I fell through that window, but I landed on some guy, so I'm fine. How did I fall through a vertical window, you ask? The real question is, why didn't you?"

-Status Sheet-

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Weight: 195 lbs.

Height: 5'11"

Ethnic: African American/German

Mental Health: Trying to put on a false front, while on the inside, he's scared to shit

Physical Health: Healthy

-Journal Logs-

Journal Log - 001:  

I decided to start keeping a journal after I stole this notebook from campus before I left. I think it was one of the professor's. Doesn't matter anymore, it's not like they'll know someone took it. Well, if they do, they might point a finger at me. After all, I was one of the WORST GRADING STUDENTS there. I'm legitimately surprised that I still got passing grades. It doesn't make it better that most of the professors hated me. College is over, though. I just stopped at my parents' house on my way out of campus, seeing as their house was on the way. Big surprise, though. Neither of them are home. So, I decided to write in this thing. Alright, let's get this over with, shall we?

Christine Beckert- My birth mother. To avoid using up too much paper, I'll skip all the stuff about how I love her. Both her parents were German, she's German, and that's where I got my German name from. Not much else to say.

Howard Matthews- My birth father. He's where I get my African American from. There's more to him than just being a father, though. He's a head-carpenter at one of the construction firms in our area. Ever since I was a child I'd looked up to him like a worshiper to a religious deity. Not in the same sense, though. It was, instead of just worship, a form of want. He was always so smart. Whenever I had a problem, or felt conflicted, he'd solve the conflict/problem. It wasn't just "Oh, it's gonna be okay" or anything like that, though. Not at all. He always made me see a whole new side of the issue. He always put all of these beautiful ideas into my head. I held onto a lot of those ideas and beliefs, probably because I wanted to remember how intelligent he was. I wanted to remember how intelligent I wanted to be, so that one day I'd be as smart as him. A drive, of sorts. I find it kind of funny how relationships like that can make huge decisions in your life. Interdependence is a complicated thing, I guess.

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