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Post by Captain Snyder on Thu Jul 30, 2015 2:27 am

1. Always try to be writing a /me. The more you perform actions, the more others will too, because they'll react to yours. Even if you are alone, ALWAYS try to find something to /me about. Don't feel afraid to /me walks up to insert person here, and exclaims, "Holy shit, it's so boring in the apocalypse..."

2. Refrain from voiding actions. We're still a serious roleplay, and we don't want to have lulzy people in our community.

3. Try to do a /me for everything that isn't super obvious. And try to go into detail for each step, rather than /me cook RP. For example, get the steak, season it, slow grill it, flip it, etc. Gefahrlich's Cook RP

4. Try to create small, internal conflict, rather then something big. For example, you might like something in real life, but maybe you should ICly dislike it for the sake of creating IC drama. In a story-driven roleplay, you shouldn't rely on the GM for your drama. (Small, as in arguements.)

5. Be SMART. The DMs and GMs will not cater to you, so you WILL die if you do something bad. You could also die just from dumb luck. However, if you're smart and work out a good plan then you'll be more likely to survive.

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