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Post by Cloudypoo on Sat Aug 01, 2015 6:55 am

"If there is something you can teach, a book teaches it better."

Katie Alech 1345831187-77898268524804082_whXdx5f7_f

-Status sheet-

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Weight: 99 lbs

Height: 5'4"

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Mental Health: Completely Content and Sane

Physical Health: Decent Diet and Exercise Plan

-Journal Logs-

Journal Log: 001:  

Shunned, Hated, Disliked, Don't Care, Nice, Friend, Close Friend, Loved, Dead/Gone

Marie Alech (Mom) - I love my mom with all my heart. She's always been supportive of me and has always been there for me even if her work schedule is pretty tight. If I ever had any problems I could just go see her and she'd give me her full attention. It means a lot to have a mom like that.

Andrea Evins - By far my closest friend. She's been with me since she transferred around first grade and we're super cool. If I ever need someone to go dress shopping with me, it's her. Also, she loves wearing dresses almost as much as me, like how can we not be besties? Love you like a sister Andrea~ xoxo

Erik Malthon - I met Erik online and he just so happened to live near me. It was cool getting to meet him and stuff, and we kind of became friends. I think he was interested in me but frankly I don't entirely know if I want to date. Seems stupid and so do boys in general. But hey, what do I know? I'm just a bookworm. Either way he's somewhere in his twenties and it'd be gross and weird. He gets drunk a lot, so I don't spend too much time with him.

Aaron Alech (Dad) - My dad isn't someone I really consider much of a friend or family. He's just kind of there. He drives me places and helps me cook sometimes, but mom seems to think he's incredibly nice when really all he does is sit around and watch sports. I spend too much time in my room and he never comes to talk to me, so all I have are the memories of him from when I was young. Most of which aren't... good. Deep down I'm sure I love him, but definitely not as much as I do my mother.

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