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Post by Captain Snyder on Tue Aug 04, 2015 6:05 am

To apply, PM the current GM (Me) your application!

How do you plan to contribute to RP:
Are you lone-wolfing it or not:


Lawful Good (2/2) Nathan Ward (Malak) Sarah Hudson (Painful History)
Neutral Good (0/2)
Chaotic Good (2/2) Jasmine Kell (Sybil) Father Carlisle McNeal (Von Braun)

Lawful Neutral (1/2) Vince Ramose (Luetenant Vuan Blitz)
True Neutral (1/2) Katie Alech (Cloud)
Chaotic Neutral (1/2) Serenity Vaudevue (Pineapple)

Lawful Evil (1/2) Gav Woodgrave (Franksta)
Neutral Evil (1/2) Lucy Attican (Colecaine)
Chaotic Evil (0/2)

(9/18) Players, not including GM & DMs

Keep in mind, you shouldn't be doing anything too evil, like murdering eachother. You need to fear RP for yourself staying in the group, but keep reasonable evil. Remember, evil does NOT mean you need to be counter productive to the party itself! The purpose of having evil, good, and neutral chars is for minor drama inside the group. Without drama, it'll be all based on events!
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